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Loka was founded in 2004, by Bobby Mukherjee, a Silicon Valley based entrepreneur. It has had the privilege of building innovative Mobile and Web applications for the world's largest brands, including Coca-Cola, Dyson, Frito Lay, Gatorade, Marriott, and Novartis.

Loka is located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our close proximity to technology luminaries such as Apple, Google & Facebook, affords us unparalleled access to the latest technological trends and minds.

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  • Mobile Application
  • Web Application
  • WordPress Development
    & Maintenance

Our mobile app developers are experts.

Our mobile app developers are experts in Swift, Java, and other mobile development frameworks. We can design and develop your mobile app for iOS and Android, and assist with submission to the App Store and the Android Marketplace.


  • Swift Programming
  • App Store Submissions


  • Java Programming
  • Android Marketplace Submission

Our talented team of web developers and designers can take your web application from idea to finished product.

We have specialists in front end development, including frameworks such as AngularJS, by Google, and React, by Facebook; back-end development, including MySQL, MongoDB, and Hadoop; and API integration, including those offered by Facebook, Twitter, and Google.


  • Angular JS, by Google
  • React JS, by Facebook


  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Hadoop


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • Google Analytics

Our team includes web developers specialized in WordPress development, maintenance, security, and upkeep.

We can take over running your WordPress site so you can focus on growing your business. Let us help with customizing your theme, updating all necessary plugins, theme and Wordpress elements, and ensuring compliance with WordPress security best practices.


  • Plugin Development
  • Theme Customization


  • Security
  • Updates
  • Plugin Updates & Compatibility
  • Maintenance
  • Backups & Restores

Our Work

  • HD Billboard
  • Dashboard App
  • Live Stream
  • Time Tracker

A Web App Powering the World’s Largest HD Display


We helped one of the largest hotel brands light up the world’s largest high definition display with a Loka built web application. The billboard is longer than a football field and eight stories high, requiring 24 million LED pixels. The app processed data from Twitter, Instagram & other social media to power a world class data visualization.

Time to market: 10 weeks

Technologies used: node.JS, Angular, HTML, CSS, MySQL, MongoDB

An Executive Dashboard App Powering a Leading Consumer Brand


We helped a top-10 consumer brand (as defined by Business Week) create a visually stunning dashboard aggregating & processing data from Adobe Analytics, Salesforce.com & Social Media sources like Twitter & Instagram. In doing so we unlocked key insights and actionable trends that resulted in over a million dollars of leveraged gain for the client in the first year of deployment.

Time to market: 12 weeks

Technologies used: node.JS, Angular, HTML, CSS, MySQL, MongoDB

WordPress Blog for the Largest Live Streaming Education Company


When you’re the world’s largest live streaming education company, you’re constantly looking for ways to lead the industry with state of the art best practices. Thankfully, we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with this client doing exactly that, working on a wide array of cutting edge innovations on their Wordpress powered blog.

Time to market: 6 weeks

Technologies used: WordPress, PHP, MySQL

Time Tracker


A visionary startup wanted to re-invent time tracking for hourly workers. Punch cards seemed so 1990, and there was clearly room to do better! We were able to partner with a dynamic and creative startup who created a compelling vision for what time tracking could be, when re-imagined for the iPhone. Users will never go back to punch cards (or even laptop data entry) when it comes to tracking their time.

Time to market: 12 weeks

Technologies used: iOS, node.JS

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