Meet Jane
The world's first Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot.

With Jane you can get timely responses to employee questions faster than ever before. Your employees will love you. The HR department will thank you for the time you've saved them.

A new team member—
To keep everyone in the know

Ask Jane anything at any time and receive a response instantly. Fast answers means fast decisions. Jane keeps your employees informed and gets smarter over time. The more questions Jane answers, the more HR can focus on solving problems efficiently.

Learning Answering
AI System inside Slack

Your employees can get to know Jane by asking questions. With every question, you can train Jane to detect issues using real-time analytics. HR can track employee satisfaction rates as Jane runs sentiment analysis.

Everything's Happening
wherever you are!

Jane is always available. Employees can message Jane from their desktop or mobile phone at any time and receive answers in seconds. Now there's no need to walk down to the HR department.

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