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Design Lock

Before we can dive into coding, we must design. Our UX Designer creates the interaction architecture, while the UI Designer can create the desired look and feel of the app. Color schemes, graphics, and text are all apart of this process. We work in weekly sprints with multiple approval stages until we give a client exactly what they want.


In the development phase, we actually begin to build the application. Once we're past design lock, we now have an inspiration to come up with a prototype to help us understand the scope of the application.


When development is far enough along, we test the application and fix any bugs. Testing for usability and performance allows us to course corrections before they become costly. We try out the application with wider user audiences to get a range of feedback and make changes from there.

Submit to the App Store

At this point, the application has been built and tested - it's almost ready to go! Whether the application is set to launch in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, it needs to be submitted for approval before it can be purchased.

App Store Approval

Once the application has been approved for Apple, Android, or both, this means it’s ready to be purchased or downloaded by users. This ensures that once our last iteration is completed, we can display the app in the App Store immediately.


Application launch is when the app is live and available to be downloaded on the app stores. This is also the time to communicate with the users. We collect data and monitor performance so we can prepare for optimization.

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