Need time to find a VP of Engineering, but have
no time to wait?
We have the perfect solution.

You don’t have all the time in the world to find a VP of Engineering, unless the product you’re trying to ship is some kind of time-traveling watch. So, we have a seasoned, fractional VP of Engineering whose services begin as soon as you need. That way, you’ll have extra time to find your own. No time-space-continuum accessory needed.

We’ve got your back. Rather, your product.

Take our VP of Engineering
(and give him back later).

In our totally fabricated Tech Start-up High School Yearbook,
we’d be voted Most Likely to Help a Friend in Need.
We have big brains when it comes to advanced best practices
and we’re not afraid to lend them.

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Plays well with others

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Ted-Talker in Training

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So, what you’re really telling me is…?

Build your product rapidly, tactfully, and inexpensively.

Will we help you ship faster? While you’re at it, you should also ask this: Will we help reconfigure your development process to speed things along? Yes. Will this process involve speed and accuracy? Yes. Even efficiency? You betcha. Will the VP of Development hand out free cars, Oprah style? To be determined.

We’ll help you succeed

It is our mission to make everyone in the engineering organization successful and fix the issues that are getting in the way of success.