Rooting out hate speech on Twitter with AI

Sentropy’s powerful AI technology is hush hush, but their mission is loud and clear: We’re here to end online abuse.

Loka is proud to help Sentropy achieve their vision. Not only do hate and abuse directly harm individuals, they erode trust in online communities. After years of witnessing hate speech and harassment drive churn and erode trust on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Reddit, the machine learning experts at Sentropy and Loka are helping communities of any size protect their users.

“Sentropy has built the tech that is much needed across social media communities. User safety has become a competitive differentiator for those willing to take a stand against abuse.” -Alexis Ohanian, Reddit Co-Founder

The fact is most platforms don’t have 15,000 moderators to remove harmful content. With the help of Loka, Sentropy has developed the most sophisticated, yet easy to implement AI-platform to purge abuse. It's the first system to prioritize the user experience of the moderators and community managers. This means companies now have the ability to detect, investigate, moderate and analyze harmful content across
their platform in a single, fully-integrated workflow tool. Sentropy Co-Founder and CEO John Redgrave said it best, “There is a link between URL and IRL. For the younger generation, the difference between their digital and physical selves will be indistinguishable. Our children should inherit an internet that’s better than the one we have today.”

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