Loka + AWS

AWS Silicon Migration Assessment

Evaluate AWS Silicon for enhanced price and performance against NVIDIA GPUs in 6-11 weeks, funded by AWS.

BREAKING: Loka becomes the newest AWS Premier Partner

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From benchmarking to benefits in weeks.

If you've been utilizing NVIDIA GPUs for ML workloads but are intrigued by the potential cost and performance benefits of AWS Silicon, Loka provides a simple path to evaluation. Our AWS Silicon Migration Assessment benchmarks your existing ML workflows on NVIDIA GPUs against AWS Silicon.

This includes converting models from CUDA to Neuron and assessing performance on AWS Trainium instances, offering a direct comparison, benchmarking report and roadmap to migration.

William Mahoney

I’ve worked with other developers in the past but Loka is step above the rest. We now have a better understanding of our AI capabilities and the AWS AI tools available.

William Mahoney
Plowz & Mowz

Why Engage?


AWS Silicon may offer price and efficiencies over NVIDIA GPUs


Integrate within the AWS ecosystem to simplify ML operations


AWS continuously advances with Silicon and generative AI

How It works

Phase I:

1 week

We review your NVIDIA GPU-based ML setup, focusing on algorithms, training loops and datasets, and establish benchmarks and success metrics compared to your current CUDA models.

Phase II:
Neuron Porting & Model Deployment

4-8 weeks

Our team ports your ML models to AWS's Neuron and deploys them on Trainium instances, aiming for an isolated performance benchmark against NVIDIA GPUs.

Phase III:

2 weeks

We conduct a detailed performance and cost comparison between your Neuron models on Trainium and the NVIDIA GPU models. Our conclusive report outlines benchmark reporting, comparisons and migration strategies to AWS Silicon.

Who Is This For?

Organizations utilizing NVIDIA GPUs for ML workloads

Companies seeking to optimize ML operations cost-effectively

Enterprises aiming for cutting-edge performance in ML tasks

What You Get

Simplyfing your decision making

Direct comparison of AWS Silicon vs. NVIDIA GPUs

Focused on cost, performance and efficiency

Neuron-based model architecture

Tailored to optimize your ML workflows on AWS

Comprehensive benchmarking report

Detailed insights and a roadmap for AWS Silicon adoption

Strategic migration guidance

From pilot setup to full-scale deployment on AWS

More than 100 companies, from startups to enterprises, have accelerated generative AI adoption with Loka.

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Dr. KatzElloPlowz&MowzCameoShift HealthGovlyLabVoiceOxbridge HealthAppliedVRGetHuman
Dr. KatzElloPlowz&MowzCameoShift HealthGovlyLabVoiceOxbridge HealthAppliedVRGetHuman