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Loka's RealTicket Honored by

Innovation Flourishes in LokaLabs

Loka's blockchain-based RealTicket website receives an Honorable Mention from prestigious, showcasing their commitment to innovative solutions. Developed within LokaLabs, Loka's internal incubator, the platform highlights the company's dedication to creativity, collaboration, and market-leading technology. The award strengthens Loka's position as a trusted partner in software consulting.

Finding a cure for CKD by building a Structural Variant Analysis on AWS

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) affects 780 million people globally–one in every ten people. In an attempt to discover novel therapeutics, Goldfinch Bio set out to build a Structural Variant Analysis capability on AWS with the help of AWS Advanced Consulting Partner Loka.

3 lessons startup CEOs should take away from the Covid vaccine rollout

The rapid production and distribution of the vaccine is a marvel of modern science and logistics. All leaders should take note. Founder and CEO of Loka, Bobby Mukherjee, shares his key lessons with BuiltIn readers.

Is it time to hire a VPE or CTO?

What’s the difference and which is the right hire, right now

Both are essential roles, but each hire should take place at a different point in a startup’s life. Bobby Mukherjee, Founder & CEO of Loka®, offers BuiltIn readers 3 pieces of advice to guide the decision.

Veris taps Loka® to build platform for novel cancer-care implantable

Veris inducted by Microsoft, engages Loka®

PAVmed subsidiary Veris Health is developing a platform that will utilize the most cutting-edge technologies to facilitate and optimize cancer care through remote patient monitoring and data analytics, including AI & ML. “In Loka®, we have identified the ideal software development partner, with extensive experience in using these sophisticated tools in complex healthcare applications.”

How do we curb online hate?

Investor of Sentropy joins a special conversation.

Sentropy Technologies uses AI to detect and curb online harassment. Loka® is proud of their work and to be a part of it. Hear Sentropy investor and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian spotlight solutions in a special Time100 talk with Prince Harry & Meghan.

Free Lyfts can drive better care

Loka® works behind-the-scenes to support Lyft & BCBSI’s mission

Since 2017, Lyft has worked with BCBS Institute to directly tackle the problem of missed medical appointments due to lack of transportation. Loka® is proud to be part of their mission as it expands to provide Lyfts for BCBS members who live in ‘transportation deserts’.

2020 changed shipping forever

Loka® helps CloudSort handle overnight explosion in demand

CloudSort revolutionized shipping at a time when society needed it most. While much of the world locked down in March 2020, the shipping industry became the lifeline for consumers who needed things. All things, really...

Chatbots are linked to increased sales

People prefer to use Messenger to
interact with companies

Messaging with businesses is on the rise, with over 2 billion messages sent between people and businesses — including automated conversations — each month, said Kemal El Moujahid, the product manager for Messenger.


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