Loka Achieves AWS SaaS Competency

That makes five AWS competencies in less than a year.

Loka Achieves AWS SaaS Competency


Loka®, the Silicon Valley-based software consultancy, has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Software as a Service (SaaS) Competency. This marks the fifth AWS competency Loka has earned since early 2023, following competencies in AWS Healthcare and AWS DevOps as well as membership in the first-ever AWS GenAI Competency class. The AWS SaaS Competency recognizes AWS Partners Network (APN) members that bring deep experience in designing and building software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud-native solutions on AWS, helping organizations transition easily from legacy applications to AWS cloud architecture. 

SaaS solutions present significant advantages over on-premise infrastructure, including greater cost efficiency, easier deployment and scalability, automated maintenance and updates, improved accessibility and flexibility, enhanced integration and customization and more predictable spend. Loka’s implementation of complex SaaS functions and packages has delivered these benefits and more to a wide variety of clients, from Silicon Valley startups to major global enterprises. 

“Racking up five AWS competencies in less than a year is a mind-blowing feat for a small company like Loka, but we’ve always punched above our weight” said Emily Kruger, VP of Product at Loka. "Adding the SaaS Competency further validates all the work we do for clients, specifically in transitioning to modern infrastructure. AWS SaaS solutions are faster, more efficient and more reliable than ever, and deployed properly, they unlock unprecedented opportunities for smart, sustainable growth for businesses of all kinds.” 

Loka is a distinguished member of the AWS Competency Program, which was established to aid customers in identifying Consulting and Technology APN Partners with longstanding, deep-reaching industry experience and expertise. The company continues to connect clients to AWS and its scalable, flexible, cost-effective solutions‍‍. 

About Loka®

Loka® is a founder-friendly software consultancy based in Silicon Valley known for accelerating launches of groundbreaking products and innovations by venture-backed startups and Fortune 500 powerhouses alike. Loka excels in deploying cutting-edge technologies and steering strategic decisions in AI, data, DevOps and design. The company is also an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Amazon Omics Partner. Between launches, Loka works on moonshot tech in its in-house incubator, LokaLabs™️.

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“Loka’s flexibility and breadth of capabilities are incredibly valuable to any firm, especially a fast-growing startup like Sentropy.”

Dev Bala
Sentropy CPO

“We’re fortunate to recruit talent from the likes of Apple and Facebook. Loka’s engineers fit right into that mode of high performance. Loka is indispensable for us at Sentropy.”

John Redgrave - Sentropy Co-founder & CEO
John Redgrave
Sentropy Co-founder & CEO