Loka Achieves AWS Data and Analytics Competency Status

Loka continues to lead with third AWS Competency in 2023.

Loka Achieves AWS Data and Analytics Competency Status


Loka®, the Silicon Valley-based remote software consultancy known for accelerating innovative product delivery, proudly announced today its achievement of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data and Analytics Competency status. This marks the third AWS competency that Loka has earned in 2023, following AWS Healthcare and AWS DevOps competencies, as the company marches one step closer to Premier Tier status. The hard-earned designation reflects Loka's expertise and success in helping customers harness the best tools and practices for collecting, storing, governing and analyzing data at any scale.

As data becomes a key differentiator, organizations grapple with the complexities of turning it into a valuable asset. AWS offers the most comprehensive set of managed services for data lakes and analytics, complemented by a skilled partner community. Achieving the AWS Data and Analytics Competency status distinguishes Loka as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member that has showcased both technical proficiency and a consistent track record of customer success, delivering solutions seamlessly on AWS.

"Three AWS competencies in a single year is no small feat, and it speaks volumes about our team's dedication and prowess," said Daniel Goldberg, Chief Marketing Officer at Loka. "With the Data and Analytics Competency, we're poised to accelerate our customers' data journeys, tapping into the best of AWS to harness data in ways they never thought possible.”

AWS continues to pave the way for scalable, flexible and cost-effective solutions, catering to everyone from budding startups to established global enterprises. The AWS Competency Program, of which Loka is now a distinguished member, was established to aid customers in identifying Consulting and Technology APN Partners with profound industry experience and expertise.

About Loka®

Loka® is a founder-friendly software consultancy based in Silicon Valley. The specialized team is known for accelerating the launch of groundbreaking products and innovations, serving both venture-backed startups and Fortune 500 powerhouses. With a strong emphasis on generative AI, machine learning and data privacy, Loka excels in deploying cutting-edge technologies and steering strategic decisions in these vital areas. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Amazon Omics Partner, Loka continues to excel in various AWS initiatives. Between launches, Loka works on moonshot tech in its in-house incubator, LokaLabs™️.

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“Loka’s flexibility and breadth of capabilities are incredibly valuable to any firm, especially a fast-growing startup like Sentropy.”

Dev Bala
Sentropy CPO

“We’re fortunate to recruit talent from the likes of Apple and Facebook. Loka’s engineers fit right into that mode of high performance. Loka is indispensable for us at Sentropy.”

John Redgrave - Sentropy Co-founder & CEO
John Redgrave
Sentropy Co-founder & CEO