AWS Cloud DevOps Solutions

DevOps allows you to deliver to market faster with greater security. As an AWS Advanced Partner, Loka specializes in integrating DevOps into your software and infrastructure.

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Shorten the path to launch with Loka & AWS.

Selected as an Advanced Consulting Partner by AWS, Loka provides the deep expertise and specialized DevOps teams needed to implement your serverless architecture.

From startups to innovation arms of Fortune 500s, we can accelerate your project through the cloud and guide you to services that improve your processes, deployment and outcomes.

AWS DevOps Competency Partner

Loka's AWS DevOps Competency underscores our robust DevOps practice, backed by extensive experience with AWS services such as AWS CodePipeline, AWS Glue and more. With over 100 certified specialists, technical experts and PhDs, we can quickly spin-up teams to help you leverage the best of AWS for your unique use case and milestones.

DevOps Success Stories


Loka leverages AWS Glue and AWS's suite to deliver a clinical data platform for the healthcare startup.


Loka creates enterprise BI and data analytics warehouse, improving data efficiencies to eVisits telehealth platform.

DevOps Transformation

Continuous integration/ Continuous delivery(CI/CD) Pipeline Setup

Discover, prepare, move and integrate data leveraging AWS Glue

Infrastructure as code (IAC) implementation

Containerization and orchestration (ECS, ECR, EKS, Fargate,  Docker, Kubernates)

Micro-services architecture design and implementation

Serverless architecture setup

DevOps that streamline critical projects

devOps = loka.DevOpsTeam()

devOps.delivery_time = "fast"
devOps.collaboration = "high"
devOps.quality = "superior"

Faster Delivery Time,
Fewer Surprises

Loka’s DevOps practice involves frequent code releases, which leads to quicker implementation of features and bug fixes and accelerates product delivery.

More Collaboration,
Fewer Specialists

Our DevOps team is the unifying force between development and operations teams, leading to better communication, increased efficiency and fewer cooks in your kitchen.

Superior Quality,
Fewer Issues

Through continuous integration and testing, Loka’s DevOps practice improves product quality and minimizes the chance of operational disruptions.

Proud to launch for
leaders on AWS

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