Loka + AWS

GenAI Launchpad for Startups

Discover your first GenAI use case in 3-4 weeks, 100% funded by AWS.

BREAKING: Loka becomes the newest AWS Premier Partner

AWS Partner - Premier Tier Services9.9 out of 10 - AWS Customer Satisfaction Survey - 50+ reviews

From questions to clarity in weeks.

Ready to dive into GenAI, but unsure where to start, what to build or when you’ll see ROI? Loka’s GenAI Launchpad simplifies your decision-making in less than 4 weeks. Our discovery program is designed to answer your foundational questions, revealing the most promising use cases for your startup and clarifying if GenAI is the game-changer you need.

We'll explore the transformative potential of GenAI for your business, guide you through the AWS toolkit and associated monthly costs and help you decide if now is the right time to make your move into GenAI.

Nathaniel Hundt

From our very first conversations with Loka they were extremely interested in our work and mission. They rolled up their sleeves alongside us to figure out the best possible GenAI solutions.

Nathaniel Hundt
Founder & CEO
Dr. Katz

Why Go With Our Launchpad?

Define your optimal GenAI use case

Understand your potential ROI

Make a Go/No Go decision

How It Works

Phase I:

1 week

We start by conducting discovery sessions to understand your startup's goals, pinpoint challenges, review data sources and begin identifying potential GenAI use cases.

Phase II:

1-2 weeks

Next we delve into a deeper examination of GenAI applications, scrutinizing technical needs and architecture. We assess AWS tools and forecast potential ROI, creating a blueprint of potential products built on GenAI on AWS.

Phase III:
Reporting and Recommendation

1 week

Loka wraps by presenting a detailed report with your optimal GenAI use case as well as a technical roadmap, technical architecture and a clear go/no-go on moving forward.

Who Is This For?

Funded startups

Startups exploring their first GenAI use case

Startups ready to build strong workloads on AWS

What You Get

Practical deliverables that simplify your decision-making

Executive report with ROI forecast

Optimal use case and its feasibility

Step-by-step roadmap to GenAI adoption

Architecture and AWS tools required for GenAI implementation

Go/No Go decision guide

More than 100 companies, from startups to enterprises, have accelerated generative AI adoption with Loka.

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Dr. KatzElloPlowz&MowzCameoShift HealthGovlyLabVoiceOxbridge HealthAppliedVRGetHuman
Dr. KatzElloPlowz&MowzCameoShift HealthGovlyLabVoiceOxbridge HealthAppliedVRGetHuman