Loka + AWS

GenAI Workshop
for AWS Customers

More than 100 companies have engaged in Loka's generative AI workshop. Bring an idea and leave
with a detailed LLM deployment strategy, 
with cash funding from AWS.

BREAKING: Loka Achieves One of the World’s First AWS Generative AI Competencies

AWS Partner - Generative AI Competency9.9 out of 10 - AWS Customer Satisfaction Survey - 50+ reviews

Think tomorrow. Build today.

Unlocking the immense potential of generative AI is crucial for startups and enterprises alike. To meet this challenge, Loka and AWS created the GenAI Workshop, an exclusive engagement that offers founders and technical leaders expert guidance on deploying Large Language Models (LLMs) on AWS.

The workshop addresses vital areas such as model selection and tuning, decisions between training new or using pre-trained models and hosting options including Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Bedrock.

Nick Weiland
William Mahoney
Nathaniel Hundt
Lance Rodela

The team was extremely responsive and well informed about Gen AI and was able to deliver a POC that we can build upon in a big way.

Nick Weiland
Founder & CTO

I’ve worked with other developers in the past but Loka is step above the rest. We now have a better understanding of our AI capabilities and the AWS AI tools available.

William Mahoney
Plowz & Mowz

My advice to founders: Look at opportunities to accelerate your path to production with teams that understand GenAI and have shared values like Loka.

Nathaniel Hundt
Founder & CEO
Dr. Katz

I would recommend Loka. They're an enterprise-level partner with a focus on getting the to the core of the POC.

Lance Rodela
Founder & CEO
Shift Health

How It Works

The GenAI Workshop is a 4-10-week program that results in practical recommendations and an implementation roadmap.

Phase I: Discover

1 - 3 weeks
(FUlly-Funded by AWS)

Loka hosts technical sessions to assess your specific use cases, analyze existing data and evaluate potential LLMs. We deliver recommendations and implementation documents to help you select the most suitable AI architecture tailored to your needs.

Phase II: POC

3 - 7 Weeks Based on complexity
(Partially Funded by AWS)

We conduct iterative testing of various open-source LLMs with selected third-party or proprietary data to identify the most effective LLM for the production environment. At the end of this phase, you'll have concise direction on LLM selection, an implementation roadmap and clear tuning guidelines.

After Workshop

Follow-on implementation
(Partially-funded by AWS)

Opt to extend your partnership with Loka for final adjustments and deployment of the model and infrastructure. This phase can be supported by AWS funding programs like Build and GenAI Production-Ready Funding.

See Real GenAI Workshop Success

Hands-on teams to push you forward.

More than the GenAI Workshop, Loka knows AWS solutions and can connect the dots for your company. We've worked with hundreds of startups and enterprises on AWS and are one of a handful of Advanced Consulting Partners worldwide contributing to the AWS GenAI Center of Excellence.

GenAI Workshop Focus Areas

We've guided leaders across 20+ industries
through the GenAI journey–from Healthcare and
Life Sciences to FinTech and ClimateTech.

Selecting & Creating Infrastructure

Navigating the fog of hosting options? Our expert advice will clear the uncertainty. Whether it's AWS, the need for GPUs or deciding on training instance types, we guide you to the best-fit solutions for your unique setup.

Choosing the
Right LLMs

Put your AI model selection worries to rest. Whether it’s an LLM that excels in predicting time-saving delivery routes or a model that can improve experience for SaaS customers, we’ll help you find the perfect fit.

Tuning Existing

Need to squeeze more from your existing model? We provide guidance on how to fine-tune your LLM to meet specific needs, such as tweaking models to better predict weather patterns or improve fraud detection.

Picking the Perfect
AWS Tools

AWS offers a wealth of tools and solutions. We simplify your selection process. Whether you're considering SageMaker for ML logistics or seeking early Bedrock access, our guidance leads you to the best choices.

More than 100 companies, from startups to enterprises, have accelerated generative AI adoption with Loka.

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Dr. KatzElloPlowz&MowzShift HealthGovlyLabVoiceOxbridge HealthAppliedVRGetHuman
Dr. KatzElloPlowz&MowzShift HealthGovlyLabVoiceOxbridge HealthAppliedVRGetHuman