Loka + AWS

OpenAI Migration Assessment

Get a head-to-head comparison of OpenAI and AWS solutions in 4-6 weeks, with 75%-100% of the costs funded by AWS.

BREAKING: Loka Achieves One of the World’s First AWS Generative AI Competencies

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Go from assessment to action

If you’ve experimented with OpenAI but are still hesitant due to security concerns, customization needs or language tuning, or if you prefer to centralize your AI operations in AWS, Loka offers a simple solution.

Our OpenAI Migration Assessment, conducted over 4-6 weeks, benchmarks OpenAI against AWS solutions like Amazon SageMaker and Bedrock. We focus on key metrics including cost and performance, delivering a direct comparison and a step-by-step migration roadmap, 75%-100% funded by AWS.

William Mahoney

I’ve worked with other developers in the past but Loka is step above the rest. We now have a better understanding of our AI capabilities and the AWS AI tools available.

William Mahoney
Plowz & Mowz

Why Assess?


AWS Bedrock can deliver
3x-7x savings over GPT-4.


AWS solutions offer
greater control over models.


Unify all of your
infrastructure on AWS.

How It Works

A comprehensive analysis of OpenAI and AWS in 4-6 weeks

Phase I:

1-2 weeks

We conduct a thorough evaluation of your current OpenAI implementations, identifying areas for improvement and alignment with AWS solutions.

Phase II:

2-3 weeks

Through rigorous testing against AWS services like Amazon Bedrock and Amazon SageMaker, we provide a comparative analysis that highlights cost efficiency, performance, security and latency.

Phase III:
Reporting and Recommendation

1 week

We share a detailed report of our findings and a clear roadmap to AWS migration. This includes a Go/No Go decision guide for executive teams, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives.

Who Is This For?

Companies with security and/or compliance requirements

Businesses with
high-traffic models

Organizations with domain-specific data

Enterprises that need to fine tune models 
for better results

Deliverables that Simplify Decision-Making

of OpenAI vs
AWS Solutions

Assessment of critical metrics such as cost, performance, security and latency

Custom Criteria

Comparisons tuned to your business, such as AWS ecosystem integration, specific domain needs like healthcare compliance and more

Migration Roadmap

Guidance for transitioning to a full production setting within AWS

Go/No Go

Executive conclusion based on our assessment and benchmarking results

More than 100 companies, from startups to enterprises, have accelerated generative AI adoption with Loka.

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Dr. KatzElloPlowz&MowzShift HealthGovlyLabVoiceOxbridge HealthAppliedVRGetHuman
Dr. KatzElloPlowz&MowzShift HealthGovlyLabVoiceOxbridge HealthAppliedVRGetHuman