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We’ve helped 100+ AWS customers test quickly and scale securely with practical generative AI and ML solutions.

BREAKING: Loka Achieves One of the World’s First AWS Generative AI Competencies

AWS Partner - Generative AI Competency9.9 out of 10 - AWS Customer Satisfaction Survey - 50+ reviews

Transform Your Business with GenAI

Explore the power of generative AI (GenAI) to scale your offering, automate customer interactions, mine your business data and reinvent your apps—all within your AWS ecosystem.

A decade ahead in AI and ML expertise, Loka's GenAI team can accelerate your projects with AWS solutions like Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Q and Amazon Bedrock, while helping you control spend and improve performance at scale with AWS Silicon.

Dom Scandinaro

“Our partnership with Loka allows us to move faster and punch above our weight class with more complex LLM implementations – the kind that remove friction and keep our customers coming back for more.”

Dom Scandinaro

Launch Your Use Case Faster

Generate Content

Create original articles, posts and video summaries from your data, expertly tuned to ensure each piece resonates with your target audience's preferences and behaviors.

Automate and Scale Content Creation

Maintain brand voice across platforms as your business grows, keeping content areas like product descriptions and marketing materials consistent and dynamic.

Automate Customer Support

Implement AWS solutions like Amazon Lex to power chatbots that handle FAQs and frequent tasks like booking inquiries, freeing up your team while improving customer satisfaction.

Mine Business Data

Utilize Amazon SageMaker to analyze customer behavior and sales trends, identifying untapped market opportunities and areas for operational improvement.

Personalize Customer Experiences

Implement dynamic, personalized recommendations across the customer journey, increasing conversion by aligning offerings with individual histories and preferences.

Explore Business Intelligence

Leverage solutions like Amazon QuickSight to track performance metrics across departments, enabling real-time adjustments in marketing strategies and inventory management.

Summarize Product Feedback

Automatically aggregate and summarize online reviews and customer surveys, pinpointing areas for product enhancement and customer service training in your software development cycle.

Accelerate Drug Discovery and Development

Identify novel therapies more quickly through AI-driven simulations and predictive modeling, reducing the need for extensive physical trials and shortening the path to market for new drugs.

See Real GenAI Success Stories

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AWS Solutions we regularly use in production

Our teams employ the latest AWS tools and technologies while constantly expanding their expertise to incorporate the next essential solutions.

Amazon SageMaker

Amazon Bedrock

Amazon Q

Amazon CodeWhisperer

Foundation Models including Anthropic Claude, Cohere, Llama2, Falcon, Amazon Titan, ProtoBERT, ESM1b

AWS silicon including AWS Inferentia, AWS Trainium and AWS Graviton

Other AI Services

  • AWS Comprehend
  • Amazon Textract
  • Amazon Transcribe
  • Amazon Translate
  • Amazon Lex
  • Amazon Polly
  • Amazon Kendra

More than 100 companies, from startups to enterprises, have engaged Loka for AI adoption and integration on AWS.

Creative LiveBlueCross BlueShield AssociationDr. KatzElloDeeper Signals
Creative LiveBlueCross BlueShield AssociationDr. KatzElloDeeper Signals
Creative LiveBlueCross BlueShield AssociationDr. KatzElloDeeper Signals
Creative LiveBlueCross BlueShield AssociationDr. KatzElloDeeper Signals
Creative LiveBlueCross BlueShield AssociationDr. KatzElloDeeper Signals